2016 Celebration of Life Concert

Photos © Sid & Nancy Golden

Comments from our concert attendees:

The concert was absolutely beautiful. It conveyed the true meaning of a “Celebration of Life” and it was moving, enlightening and inspiring. Beit Halochem really does extraordinary work and the almost sold-out audience was a testament to that. Thank you for inviting me to come. Mark and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You, your staff and your volunteers did a phenomenal job organizing the evening, and ensuring that people felt the true essence of what Beit Halochem does and how it changes the lives of our wounded heroes. Kol Hakavod and Yishar Koach to you all. – Deecla

Dear Toby, Lisa et al.   You are amazing.  The event last night was so great.   It felt so good to be part of Beit Halochem.   My kids loved it.   Kol Hakavod.  We are so proud of all you do.  The Video Guests were exceptional and the engagement part was special touch. Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work.   – Ian

Absolutely amazing event tonight. Just gets better & better – what heart-wrenching stories – such courage these men and women display. Entertainment was very good – got the joint jumpin’. And to top it all off – a mother and child reunion AND a proposal – so special. Kol Hakavod to everyone involved! – Jeanette