Thursday, February 1, 2018
7:30 pm Cocktail Reception | 8:30 pm Presentation

Global Furniture Group Showroom
1350 Flint Road

Funds raised by this event support our Kids of Courage summer camp program,
enabling 45 Israeli Bar/Bat Mitzvah aged children of severely disabled veterans to enjoy a Canadian camp experience.

Limited seats are available for this event.

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Beit Halochem Contemporary Committee:
Janice Feldberg-Bly & Dana Katz
Sharon Anisman, Stacey Barish, Elisse Bierstock, Haley Birenzweig, Marla Brown,
Sandra Finkelstein, Lisa Flomen, Sari Hanser, Stacey Jacobs, Kimberley Walters

Beit Halochem Canada, Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel is
committed to rehabilitating, rebuilding and enhancing the lives of
over 51,000 Israelis who have become disabled in the line of duty or
as victims of terror. Beit Halochem Centres in Israel provide
specialized sports, recreational and therapeutic programs.