Rosh Hashana "Pomegranate" card image: Rosh Hashana "Rabbi and Student" card Rosh Hashana "Candlesticks" card


Beit Halochem Canada greeting cards for Rosh Hashana 5778.

Our vertical 5×7 cards, pictured above, feature beautiful artwork created by disabled veterans and members of Beit Halochem in Israel.

Each card is inscribed with a greeting for the New Year.

Supporters of Beit Halochem Canada can order the cards for $10 each through our website here. We will add your personal message and send out the card on your behalf.

Packages of 12 cards are also available to inscribe by hand and mail to family and friends. Packages are $60 and can be purchased by calling our office: 905-695-0611 or 1-800-355-1648 toll free.

Beit Halochem Canada also offers an eCard that you can send through site with a minimum $5 donation. See the eCard now.