“Beit Halochem has given me so many choices to replace my passion for running, including hand-biking, tennis, swimming, basketball, sailing, kayaking, volleyball and numerous others.”

Dor Cohen

Dor Cohen

It was the dead of night on September 5, 2007. The Nablus sky was pitch black, the air still and warm. Dor Cohen was only a month short of completing his service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The Paratroopers Special Division “Orev”, accompanied by the Elite K-9 Dog Forces “Oketz”, moved toward their target. Their mission was to capture Stivan Antawahbi, an engineer known to produce lethal explosive devices targeted to harm Israelis. They didn’t find him but arrested another terrorist involved in manufacturing and detonating deadly materials.

As they cautiously made their way back to their jeeps, Dor’s life was suddenly changed forever. He had stepped on a hidden explosive device which was detonated via remote control.

Dor was in excruciating pain but remained conscious while being transported to the hospital. He suffered severe injuries to his right arm and leg. But after many difficult surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation, Dor, once a champion long-distance runner, courageously took it all in stride.

Besides his own sheer determination and bravery, one of the most important reasons for Dor’s successful recovery has been Beit Halochem in Tel Aviv, which is now a vital part of his life. He works out in the Fitness Hall regularly and has joined the Beit Halochem kayaking group to further strengthen his body. “I am still a newly disabled veteran who is trying to find his way.”

Today, with the help of a Beit Halochem scholarship, Dor is studying Agronomy and hopes to work in wine production.